Expiration Date / Disposal after opening

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When juice is made via centrifugal or cold press or castigating process, and then made with no preservatives just only flavored with fruits/vege or sugar honey…etc

  1. After making juices is there an expiration date as to when it should be consumed since there is no PRESERVATIVES, like a best buy date.

  2. After opening how soon should the product be disposed or no longer consumable after remaining at a constant chill temp or refrigerator or suppose it’s hot day and the consumer left it in their car and would like to consume juice.

Hello Chrissy,

  1. The FDA rules are unpasteurized juice with no preservatives is safe UP TO 7 days while maintained at a safe temperature of 41 degrees F or below. You can do a shorter Best Buy Date for quality control if you like(a lot of companies do a voluntary shelf-life of 3-4 days).
  2. If a bottle is removed from the temperature controlled environment, it is to be consumed within 4 hours. Outside of that 4 hours it is considered in the danger zone for microbial growth.
    The two numbers you should always have on hand are 4 for 4 hours (for cooling times or anytime outside of constant refrigeration) and 41 for 41 degrees F or below which unpasteurized, unpreserved juice should be stored at.

Thanks for the Info is there a special thermometer for that which can be placed in the unit for transport. Hopefully it will collectively consider all bottles of juice

Transporting is a separate issue and requires more Standard Operating Procedures and additional logs. Each health department may be different on this. My health department requires a electronic constant temperature tracker or data logger for transportation within a cold-storage unit like an ice chest or refrigeration truck. Yours may have different regs. This link is for the data logger I use, which actually is used for fishing.