HAACP plans and how to write them

Hello fellow juicers!
I was hoping to get some insight and clarification into a HAACP plan. I’ve read through the examples Good Nature has provided (which is super helpful so, thank you!) My question is how detailed should mine be? Is this something I can write up myself or do I need to hire this done? I’m a small scale business and until I can open and gauge demand, I’m a one-(wo)man show. When I went through my ServSafe course I was under the impression that if your business is small enough, a HAACP plan isn’t always necessary. Due to handling fresh produce, apparently the size of my business may not matter? Is this correct? I’m a little lost on this whole subject. Thanks in advance for advice and insight!

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Hi Nina, you’re right that most small food and beverage businesses / restaurants don’t need HACCP, however if you are bottling and selling juice commercially that is usually enough to require HACCP. If you were just serving juice in open cups, you may not need HACCP. The health department wants to make sure that if someone is selling hundreds of bottles of juice that they are manufacturing it in a safe way.

It also depends a lot on the local health department and how strict they are. You should contact your local health department and ask them, usually they can give you a straight forward answer, but not always.

If you do need help with making a HACCP plan or dealing with the health department, I definitely recommend hiring an expert like @AriS or someone else that has written specifically juice HACCP plans.


Hello, @Nina_McGhee Let me know if you would like to set up a quick call to go over any questions you might have or I can give you a brief overview of what a HACCP plan would look like for your operation. Thanks

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Thanks so much! I’ll be in touch!