Selling Juice to Consumer and Other Business

Not sure but I spoke with DCP Food Division

They said I will need to apply for
NAB Liscense
Certified Juice HACCP Course

Any recommendations any reference as to where I can do this course is it really required

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ServSafe is a good HACCP course


Dep of Consumer Protection stated their needs to be a Certified Juice HAACP

An Online Course

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Is ServSafe equivalent to a Certified Juice HACCP

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Set safe is the most widely recognized haccp certification course.

I’m not aware of an online juice haccp specifically. Perhaps Cornell has one.

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Hello, for the course, you want to make sure you receive a HACCP completion certificate, this is required under HACCP regulation. With everything going on very few in-person certified HACCP courses are going on, But the best one, like Charlie mentioned, is at Cornell, they are currently discontinued for the time being, but I would reach out and see when they are starting up again. Other than that, They have a lot of options available for online Here is a link to one I have not taken but have been told works well for obtaining a certification.

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I have a managerial ServSafe certification from a previous occupation. I am now lookin to jumpstart my own juicing business, will I still need an HACCP cert? I know I will need to put together a plan, however I’m wondering if it’s necessary for me to take the training or hire someone to write the HACCP plan for me?

@PressedAboutJuice Servesafe will help with the process, but yes, HACCP cert is required on top of that as well, In-person is the best but you can find a few online, typically about 8-12 hours. I always recommend these steps. Become certified, then try writing your own using either our free template on the Goodnature blog or the one through the JMA members section which is easier to use. Then if you get stuck, need assistance, or would like to have us write the plan for you we can. Doing it this way really helps with understanding the process, its a bit overwhelming with all the new verbiage, abbreviations, and repetitive nature of it, But it becomes much easier once you go over it with someone. Feel free to reach out if you need

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