Selling Juice to Consumer and Other Business

Not sure but I spoke with DCP Food Division

They said I will need to apply for
NAB Liscense
Certified Juice HACCP Course

Any recommendations any reference as to where I can do this course is it really required

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ServSafe is a good HACCP course


Dep of Consumer Protection stated their needs to be a Certified Juice HAACP

An Online Course

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Is ServSafe equivalent to a Certified Juice HACCP

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Set safe is the most widely recognized haccp certification course.

Iā€™m not aware of an online juice haccp specifically. Perhaps Cornell has one.

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Hello, for the course, you want to make sure you receive a HACCP completion certificate, this is required under HACCP regulation. With everything going on very few in-person certified HACCP courses are going on, But the best one, like Charlie mentioned, is at Cornell, they are currently discontinued for the time being, but I would reach out and see when they are starting up again. Other than that, They have a lot of options available for online Here is a link to one I have not taken but have been told works well for obtaining a certification.

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