Nutrition awareness chart- poster form- I welcome feedback

I have wanted to find some kind or large, poster style nutrition awareness, nutrition breakdown chart. Certainly somewhere in the world someone has something for sale, that looks sharp and has veggies and fruits listed and broken down for values.

If anyone has a link or knows a source to something I welcome it. If it was decorated with fruit and veggies in parts of it, that would be wonderful.

Thanks for taking a peek.


I would also be interested in this if anybody knows.

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You can find a Nutrition Information for Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish in
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Thank you so much!!:smile::smile::smile::green_apple::green_apple::cucumber::cucumber::pineapple::pineapple:

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The only issue with this is that it includes a very small number of produce that is used in juice.

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Thanks for the replys. It is all a start. All is good.

Bigger is better, with variety in my books. Some of the items used on say the west coast are not as common in a northern climate like where I am in Canada. Cranberries, Saskatoons, watercress, etc are all items I hope to either find a nice chart for or end up generating something at some point. I might not be a great computer guy, but I do well with persistenceā€¦

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Let me know as well!