Job Procedures in a kitchen

I am helping to run a juice kitchen. We use the X-1 and produce approximately 500+ bottles a day. Looking at writing out job procedures to divide the kitchen into 3 section eg 1- juicer, 2 -washing, weighing and preparing produce and 3 - bottling just wondering if others have something similar in place that they could share to help me get started thanks :pray:

@Juicelife Hello, I like to write out all the tasks initially or steps in the process then assign the equal workload as well as determine which tasks can be used as β€œFillers” or tasks that can be stepped away from to help with customers and picked back up on and completed when the employee might have downtime. Examples of this would be stickers or labels on bottles.

I also divide it into shifts, not all operations will be similar depending on your peak hours or business volume/space etc. So adjustments will be needed. So I always try to have one person or shift weigh out produce, wash and get it right to the point of juicing, all divided up into containers if possible per recipe or blend the night before. That way I have the one person or team juicing in the morning first thing can begin right away.

Then after a few days, Review the process and shift things around if needed to balance the workload that would work for you.

Hope that helps Any questions let me know.


Thanks so much slowly working on them and jobs people can do when not busy