Gloves - reduce waste possible?

Does anyone have a process where they reuse gloves for kitchen staff? Maybe latex/rubber gloves where one person has a few pairs for the day and then end of day they wash and sanitize them for use the next day? Trying to solve a couple problems for our produce prep and juicing staff where the current vinyl gloves can get water in them and then also the reduction of waste. We are fairly resigned to the constant glove garbage, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

Good question! Gloves sure make a lot of waste.

Also curious if gloves are required in your area? I think most health departments they are not actually required but I’m not sure.

Unfortunately, no way to eliminate single use gloves unless you never touch ready to eat food like washed produce, only real option is to try and limit the times they might be needed? The second your produce is pulled from the water when washing, no bare hand contact is allowed unless you rewash after. So, possibly using perforated pan for produce in sink can skip that step when you pull produce out, but that’s about it. Unless there is some sort of compostable or recyclable glove that I am unaware of (that work well), but that would be a great idea if they are out there.

I am not sure about the specifics honestly about glove requirements, we have always used gloves for the whole processing, we prep and weigh first prior to washing and still wear gloves then (changing out after the produce is cleaned). There are compostable gloves, which we tried, but the are very loose and didn’t provide enough mobility for knife work. We might try home kitchen type rubber gloves and just wash/sanitize them. If anyone tries anything that works, please let me know!