CalRecycle CRV Requirements

My husband and I own a cafe business where we prepare cold pressed juices. We built the cafe from scratch and it’s been 3 years since we opened the cafe. We prepare and sell cold pressed juices only on the premises of our cafe.

I am sharing my experience for those that are planning to open a juicery or for those who just recently opened a juicery. I am also reaching out for advice for business owners that have dealt with CalRecycle CRV requirements.

Last year I became aware of the CRV fee requirements enforced by CalRecycling which is part of Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. I was not aware of any of these requirements until last year when I received a letter from this government agency.

CalRecycle made me aware last year that my juicery business was in violation of CRV labeling, reporting and payment of fees.

CalRecycle informed me that my juicery business is responsible for paying both the distributor and manufacturing fees as of the date the business opened on October 2015!

We have not collected or set aside any these fees since we were not aware of theses recycling requirements.

CalRecycle is required to issue a password so businesses can submit the count of bottles and make the CRV fees. They also require to approve the CRV labels to place on the bottles.

I am not refusing or disputing my business’ responsibilities of a beverage manufacturer and distributor to begin submitting payments and reports.

I am curious to know if any juicery business owners has experienced the same and how have you dealt with the situation.

Has CalRecycle waived any owed back payments?

Today I plan to call CalRecycle upper management staff to request and hopefully can get some fees waived.

Maria Moya
The Daily Harvest

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Sorry to hear you’re going through this, it sounds like a nightmare.

Has there been a resolution?

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THANK YOU so much for sharing this information. I too am very sorry to hear this news. I will look into this now before we open. We use glass bottles and will research CalRecycle.

Please (if you can) share your outcome and any knowledge gathered.

For others in CA FYI :


Reading the * I see BLENDS are “subject to” CRV Law… screenshot below:

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CA juicers:

Just got off the phone with CalRecycle.

Loosely sealed bottles vs. Sealed (like heat tape, etc.) are seen differently.

Also, IF you have your own redemption program this may allow you to avoid CRV issues.

I was told to submit our packaging design and explain our in-store redemption program and IF they agree that’s an appropriate recycle solution they will send a letter stating so. We would not have to be covered.

Just a friendly FYI :wink:


Hello, I am sorry it took a while to reply on our outcome with CALRecycling. They did forgave the recycling fees for prior years, but I spoke to their upper management to consider waiving fees of prior years. They were reasonable and willing to work with us.
Thank you for the feedback and advise on the lids.
Maria Moya
The Daily Harvest Cafe & Juicery

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How would someone know a local bottle supplier in their state to avoid CalCRV recycle fee, as reading states " out of state"

I’m from CT so I would not know if this apply us

This is in reference to the state of CT

So if I bought empty Plastic PPD or HDP bottles and cap from a supplier that is the clear or cloud appearance bottle attach a label on to them who do I contact to see if the plastic bottle are going to be taxed.