Specialty Juice Request

Hi Everyone,

I have a customer asking to make a special juice for her. We have the X-1 so I am requiring a minimum order of 5 bottles. Would it be wrong to charge a small Specialty Juice Fee? What do you guys think? Have you ever done this before?


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FWIW We use both an X-1 and Norwalk. When asked for custom recipes we have a 12 bottle minimum.


A minimum bottle fee and small uncharge it standard. We require a 4 bottle minimum and $2 transaction fee for custom blends. We have not gotten any pushback on it.


Awesome, this is good to know!

Good question!

We have not been filling custom requests since we don’t have labels that support custom blends.

To Rich and Aaron, how are you managing this on your side? Fill in blank labels?


Yes, we write in the ingredients on a blank label. Technically not above the board as the health department has not “approved” the label. Works in a pinch though