Branding /Logo / Trademark


We all know how important it is to brand or to have a mark or an image to reflect your company.

Does anyone know the process on how to get a trademark. I have looked on however i would like hear from someone who went through the process

Possible to do it yourself but I recommend finding a lawyer. You can find an attorney that charges a flat rate for filing.

The reason I recommend a lawyer is because the government doesn’t make the process very intuitive. Also if you ever have to defend the trademark, now you already have a lawyer that has all the records of your filing.

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Agree w/ Charlie. It also takes a while. When you finally get one after showing proof of use etc. You finally get to add a ‘circle r’ fwiw. Very helpful to get a TM though… allows logo to be used in sign etc if you have certain cc&r guidelines on store development etc.

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