Blue spirulina (Majik)


Hello, does anyone have a good supplier for this. No luck through the major companies Terrasoul or
Everything I have seen lately seems to just be repackaged with an increased price.


So here is the sticky wicket on Blue Majik Spirulina. Technically you cannot use it in any bottled or ROP (reduced oxygen packaging) products. These reason is that is has NOT been tested by the FDA. If you look on the side label it has listed as a supplemental facts (which means it is not tested by the FDA), and not the Nutritional Facts (verified and tested by the FDA).
All supplements cannot be used in food products used for bottling. Blue Majik does not appear in the US food code as GRAS (generally regarded as safe).
You CAN use it in smoothies, acai bowls, and juices made to order as long as it DOESN’T go into ROP. I doubt anyone using it truly cares, but if you do have an informed and diligent health inspector it can be a 3 point demerit as you are using food items not from an approved food source.


@TheJuiceBoxLV thanks for info. We must go through the same health department. Haha, do you know any suppliers though?


Thats the million dollar question! No I do not unfortunately.


IFC Solutions Inc. in New Jersey is listed as an organic supplier in the USDA NOP organic integrity database:
This is a great place to look for organic suppliers. Since you can search by location, you can also find local growers for produce.
As stated by JV, there are a lot of “grey market” products in natural and organic. Even organic spirulina is not considered a “traditional” organic product since it is grown in water. CBD is the current ingredient riding the grey market wave with the FDA warning that they may classify it as a drug.
You have to look at both federal and local regulations when deciding what ingredients to use and how to classify them. California has an additional set of controls if your product has “supplements” within the state law definition you need to be aware of.
What you can formulate and sell over the counter, may not translate into a retail product.