Blender for smoothie bowls


Hello fellow juice lovers, I’m looking for Vitamix recommendations for making smoothie bowls. I am currently demo-ing The Quiet One and am not having much luck. Maybe I am making them too thick? Is there a better Vitamix for this task? Maybe one where I can tamper down the ingredients? But then the noise…I really like the soundproofing of The Quiet One.


We make Acai & Pitaya bowls with the Vitamix Quiet One. Depending on if you are using frozen fruits in addition to the frozen acai packet and ice, that may be the
issue with it being too thick. We now use fresh fruit for the bowls along with the acai packet and ice and the thickness is much more manageable.
Also depending how what setting you blend and how long can make it too thick. We discovered holding PULSE 1 for 10 seconds, rest for 3-4 seconds, and holding PULSE 1 again for 5 seconds gets the correct consistency.


You might consider a Blendtec blender, rather than a Vitamix. Less tamping & smoothie button usually handles smoothies nicely with only an occasional push of button for a few seconds more. Vitamixes have you pushing buttons all day, LOL!


Thank you! The pulsing worked much better.

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Glad it worked. I hate buying new equipment when what we posses actually does work. Do you add an water or other liquid to your acai bowls? That helps some as well. We use 2 oz for a 24oz bowl.