What is the best way to bottle Juices


What is the best way to bottle juice ? Is it best to fill the whole bottle to the top or leave some space for air


From what I have found it is personal preference. I use 16 fl.oz. bottles that hold 16.9 fl.oz.so I leave just a little gap from the top. Sometimes a customer wants to add something to the juice (cayenne pepper, maca root, etc) so some space is needed. Also, if you fill to the top, there is a greater chance of it spilling on the customer.
Lastly, the less you put in the bottle, the less your food cost is, so from a P&L stand point, less is better.


Most 16 oz bottle are actually 16.9 oz to account for extra space at the top just FYI.

I thought I remember hearing something about leaving air to prevent anaerobic bacteria growth. @AriS is there something to that or am I making that up?


@charlie I have not heard that before. But for raw juices, with such a short shelf life, it’s almost impossible for pathogens to grow in that environment.


When you place juice into a sealed bottle or Reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) anaerobic growth starts at 22% or less atmospheric volume. So really any product in a bottle will start anaerobic growth, hence the mandated 7 day shelf life for raw juice.


Thank you so much for this information :pray::blush:


Thank you all for the information, I am really grateful you made to respond :pray: