Sink/prep equipment

I am looking at different size 3-bay sinks to purchase for my small start-up. Do you have recommendations on size? I am planning to use the x-1 mini, wondering about component parts fitting into the basins. Also any advice on other equipment along those lines, for example, prep tables and such. I did download the GN kitchen layout, which was very helpful, but asking more about dimensions.

Hi Micheler,

I am not sure on actual dimensions, maybe @AriS will be able to help with that, but there is this article we wrote about Virtue Juice Bar that might be helpful…there are some photos of the sink they use next to their Mini and it works great!

Best of luck :grinning:

Hello @Micheler, so the mini doesn’t have any large parts at all, I would definitely be more concerned with finding a sink with the bays large enough to fit say a hotel pan or close to it. I would try not to skimp on the size though, also a nice pressure sprayer makes thing much easier. What other questions do you have on tables or equipment? Do you want to set up a call to go over questions? You can email to set this up at thanks