Organic Farms in the MidWest

Hello guys! I hope all of you have an amazing and safe weekend. Can anybody share any well known organic farms located in the midwest? I’m based out of NE Indiana and looking for good quality organic fruits, vegetables, and roots.

Hello @Troy_Zvirblis are you looking more for farms to buy produce from or looking for purveyors where you can source local organic produce from these local farms?

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The USDA maintains a list of ALL USDA NOP certified organic operations in the US. It is a great place to start sourcing. You can search by name, location or product.

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I am looking to buy produce. I’m hoping to be running a juice truck by this summer!

I would say an easy way to find out some purveyors in your area is to go into your local grocery store and ask the produce manager where they get their produce from. From there you can reach out if it’s not a large enough order a lot of times you could actually pick up the product from their warehouse at the same rate.