Sourcing organic ginger

Hi all,
One of our most popular recipes uses a large amount of ginger. Actually the main i gredient is ginger. Can anyone share where they are sourcing their organic ginger from? We are located in the DMV area. Many thanks.

@Hitrine hello, what does DMV area stands for? I should be able to help.

Hi there Ari,
DMV is the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

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Hi, I’m also from the DMV area & I get mine from Coastal Sunbelt. You have to have a minimum order of $200 to get free delivery.

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@Hitrine Here is one I was able to find from a search
Also Albert’s organics part of UNFI company is fairly large distributor of organic products all over the US.
Hope that helps.

Thanks so much RHilton92 and AriS. This is such a great help. So glad this forum exists.

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