NOT 100% Juice - Misleading Packaging

Hello Juice Community,

I was recently at Adli Supermarket, and I discover that their grocery store “juice” was marketed as 100% juice on the packaging. Items like Cranberry Juice to Apple Juice had wording “100 % Juice” or “contains 100% Juice”. For all of these Juices, the first ingredient listed was water. How can these big beverage companies be able to list misleading information on their packaging like this?

I would love any input!
All The Best

Under the FDA guidelines, the term 100% juice can be juice that was boiled down to concentrate syrup, then added water back in later. FDA only specifies how sweet the juice must be to be considered 100% juice. This is tested with a brix meter, measuring the amount of brix in the juice. In other words, the company just can’t add “too much” water back in.

This is one of the labeling standards I really hate about the juice industry. The average consumer doesn’t understand the fact that juice from concentrate is just basically water and sugar syrup.