African booster reference- Juicecon

I recall a reference to what sounded like a fairly new to the US market booster type plant from Africa. Sadly I do not have the name and really wanted to look more into this as an option for juices and smoothies. Being in Canada, some items may or may not be available… so I am giving this a call out to the Goodnature Community, to see what folks might remember.

Thankyou for taking a peek.

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@AriS I believe mentioned about a type of berry type food that was beneficial to diabetics? It made lemons taste sweet, but I do not recall the name

Hello, yes it’s Synsepalum dulcificum. Also known as miracle berry.


That’s a great idea to use with a smoothie. You can make one virtually no sugar, slightly tart and acidic. Would probably taste great.


Thankyou. Now for me to begin sourcing this berry in Canada, from a source that is hopefully Ontario based.

Shouldn’t be too difficult, They have a lot of forms of it available that all work pretty well, You can buy a plant that produces the berry, fresh form, frozen even tablets. Good luck let me know how it goes.

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