Discount/Promotions Upon Expiration Dates

Hi All -

I am wondering if folks do any sort of discount/promotion for those juices that have reached the last day of “Best Buy” or “freshness dates”. We put dates on our juices currently at 5 days from press day. Has anyone had experience with doing a “buy one get one 50%” or other promotions to get them off the shelves. My wife who runs marketing and has a specialized background in marketing retail product is of the school of thought that it “cheapens” our product and brings to light that we are selling something at a significant discount because it is old. Which is a fair point.

Appreciate anyone else’s thoughts and feedback based on prior experience!

I would ask how do you market yourself? Are you a high-end, bespoke craft juice maker? If so, your wife’s point is very valid and in the same mindset of Louis Vuitton. They never discount anything. If its out of season, it is destroyed.
If you are catering to the masses, then a BOGO on expiring juices are excellent. We don’t have many that meet their Best Buy date, but when we do, we do exactly as you mentioned in your post and it gets a good amount of response. As long as you are adjusting your par levels to your consumption levels, then the 50% BOGO should be an uncommon thing which can get your loyal customers excited when occasionally it does happen.


that’s great feedback and perspective. We are located in the Caribbean and the first cold-pressed juicer ever on the island, so a lot of it is an education. Plus - very seasonable business. It’s our first year/season. But appreciate your insight! I’ll have a talk with my boss (aka my wife!).

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