Vitamax- Southern Ontario

Hoping that some of my fellow Canadians see this.

I am looking to see where everyone is getting their Vitamax blenders from. They have worked great for me, and I will need to begin to factor in replacement, but of course am trying to see if there is a better way to buy? I want to ensure I can use all of my existing containers and get a tad confused looking at their website. Thanks for taking a peek.


Not much help, but I got mine at Costco.

Hi- Do you run it with business? If so how long and how has the wear and tear been?

I ask this as I used to be a manufacturers rep for outdoor products that used electric motors. I have wondered about the difference between the commercial vs residential, as the motor would be the key difference, with how it is wound.

Thanks for the reply.

Most restaurants use the Viatmix model “The Quiet One” as it is NSF which is required of all equipment in the US. It is a commercial model, which again, must be used when operating in the states. The motors run for many years (our is 2 years+ and haven’t had an issue). Parts are easy to find and replace. The only part that tends to wear down is the drive coupling. The teeth tend to wear down after a year or so and cost around $25 to replace. This model tends to run around $1,000 at Costco. You can also purchase extra hoppers for around $100/ each.

Hi TheJuiceBoxLV
What does the acronym NSF mean in the United States? I will have to look at a schematic and see how the drive coupling, comes into play.

Mine are beginning to show some wear, and I am hoping to use something interchangeable with my existing containers. We do have them at Costco in Canada, but I will have to look into that particular model “The Quiet One”.

Thankyou for the response.


NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation. When a piece of equipment is NSF it means that it is safe to use in all restaurants based on its construction and materials. The drive coupling can be found here. There are other models by other companies that meet the commercial standard, but I know the Vitamix The Quiet One is one of the most popular.

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