Selling x1 Mini (White in color, near new condition)

Selling an x1 Mini. It is white in color. It has been lightly used in my home. Only used once in the last year and about 10 times before that. It was not used as a commercial juicer. I still have the original bags that came with the juicer. Please contact me if interested. 208.757.2100. Juicer located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Can deliver to nearby states. Thank.


We are a startup operation in Canada. I see other X1 Minis for sale for around $8K. What are you asking for yours. If we can come to terms, can yours be boxed to ship to Canada?
Douglas Barker
TwoWingz Inc.

Hello, what is your cost point you are looking to sell your juicer with local pickup?

Are you still selling your x1 Mini?

Yes. Would you like pictures? I can text them to you

Still available? How much you selling for?

Yes. 10K Next to new.

Yes. It is still available. 10K

Can you text me? 832.621.9863