Coconut water in bulk


I’m making a pineapple and coconut water drink. Couple questions for the community:

  1. What is your favorite brand as far as flavor and quality go for coconut water?
  2. Who do you recommend for bulk coconut water?

Currently, I love Taste Nirvana, as I feel it is one of the better tasting coconut waters. But I am concerned about constantly having to open cans of water (we already recycle but would love to cut back any way we can). Also, I am not sure if it is really the most viable way to get coconut water.

Any additional advice is always welcome. Thanks!


Hi Chandra i like your idea. Taste should be so nice.
İ am living in Costa rica and here kind of Coconut water heaven :slight_smile:
Plase can you share with me your recipe and tip.
Also you can think about coco-lemonade. Also taste is so fresh.


Hi Chandra, Where is your store located? Also, I have had a lot of success reaching out to companies directly to get wholesale pricing and packaging. If they will not supply directly, then can point you to a local distributor.


TerraSoul has a great organic coconut water powder that you could use.

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Sweet origins is based in NYC and can do coconut water and other tropical ingredients in wholesale quantities.


Hi Charlie, what about in Southern California?